Friday, July 23, 2010

The interviewed

There is a video about the interview from this year Crazy for the Cult!!
I just want to thank you so much to Jensen and Katie for everything!
At Gallery 1988 blog, Jensen commented as

"I say if you don't like art, you're a horrible human.
I compare the gallery to "Field Of Dreams" (???)
Kevin Smith calls himself a "Misha completionist."
Rich Pelligrino continues to be my favorite, super genuine interviewee.
Wait, maybe Ayami is my favorite, super genuine interviewee. OK, it's a tie.
Kevin calls it the best year yet. And "It's Jensen's world, he just lets me live in it" might end up on my tombstone. Scott Listfield says super nice stuff...thank you, sir.
And YUP, we got a book deal. More on that down the road...."

Here`s the Video! Check it out!! go to this site!

You can see the original site from

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